9 Chocolate Labrador Puppies Born

Nala and her 9 Godiva Labradors pupsRolo Ghirardelli is son of Godiva Labradors’ Reeses Pieces Vazquez.

Rolo was born 3/20/2012.  He has fathered one litter born 10/13/2014 which resulted in 9 puppies in that litter.  This litter was born 4/9/2016 and resulted in 9 puppies also.  This litter produced all chocolate labradors.

Godiva Labradors come from a very fine AKC Registered stock with AKC Certified Master Hunters on both sides of his family. Rolo’s Lineage includes the following AKC Titles are AFC, FC, JH, MH, SH, NAFC.  The puppies are the most loving, kind, happy (and most importantly for labs) calm.

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