biting chocolate lab puppyPuppies bite!  It’s what they do because they are teething.  We forget how much teething hurts but any mom will tell you teething babies are very unhappy and while puppies don’t cry, they do bite to help with the pain.

Whether your puppy bites for the pain, because it is fun or in anger, a set of needle-sharp teeth buried in your hand isn’t much fun. You’ll need to break this cycle quickly without breaking your furry baby’s spirit. Once you train him or her not to bite, you can move onto better things — like teaching fun tricks! But for now, let’s put a halt to those vampire like puppy fangs to the nuckle or toe.. No need to call Cesar Millan — you got this!

  1. Don’t worry if your puppy “mouths” you to death! Labradors are known to have “soft palets”, meaning they “bite” softly- without injuring the prey, your hand, or another dog.  It’s in his/her make-up to do so.  It is also a normal part of their development as puppies.  But do not confuse mouthing with biting. If teeth are being used, then they need to know it is not acceptable. Most puppies bite because they are teething, or because it’s fun! The only reason they keep biting is because they misinterpret your reaction.
  2. Realize that consistency is the key. Every time your puppy bites, make a high-pitch cry or yelp (like puppies do with litter mates) and say “NO!”.  Give them a chew toy and walk away and ignore him/her.  Puppies want your attention so desperately that with consistency, they will get the hint that biting causes you to walk away and not play.  This is the last thing they want.
  3. When he/she is calm, talk to him/her gently and stroke him/her calmly. Keep your hand away from around his/her mouth and rub their belly or bottom. You want to rub far away from his/her mouth and head as you possibly can so they don’t get riled up again and chew on your meaty fingers or nuckles! If they bite again, just repeat the steps above!
  4. Never play roughly with a puppy, EVER!  It establishes the behavior as acceptable will encourage this to happen with everyone.
  5. Always praise good behavior with lots and lots of gentle love and cuddles!  Playing with puppy with a good chew toy, while praising them established strongly in their mind that you will spend time with them when they don’t bit you!
  6. If he/she doesn’t stop, consider taking them to a puppy training class.  It’s very important to establish training in the first 4-5 months to set up a lifetime of good behavior!

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