Membership in the San Jose Retriever Club is restricted to owners of AKC recognized Retriever breeds including ; Chesapeake Bay, Curly Coated, Flat Coated, Golden, Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador, Nova Scotia Duck Toller and Standard Poodle.


  • Training Grounds, for which the Club is granted use permits, are to be used for training only the Retriever breeds listed above. The training is further restricted to that done for field trials or hunting, including hunting tests. Members may not take guests.
  • No actual hunting is allowed on the training grounds.
  • No firearms capable of discharging live loads are permitted on the training grounds. Blank guns (cap pistol, starter pistol, etc.) and dummy launchers are permissible,but please call 408-299-2311 before using.
  • Members must wear identification tags around their necks while using the training grounds.
  • Vehicles are not to be driven across or parked on any dry creek or lake bottom. Parking is permitted only in authorized areas.
  • Santa Clara County Rangers will issue fines to any person without an identification tag or any person not a member of the Club.
  • Persons using live or dead birds must adhere to all applicable California Department of Fish & Game Regulations.
  • Failure to comply with the above regulations could jeopardize the Club’s continued use of the training grounds.
  • Members agree that the San Jose Retriever Club is not responsible and will not be held liable for any injury to any dog or person using the facilities.

Download —–> San Jose Retriever Club Application