Supplies you MUST have



  • Local Veterinarian (Visit ASAP to keeps shots current and get advice)puppy vet visit
  • Dog bed or blanket and pick a location where they will sleep.
  • Puppy Pee Pads (you will use these to show your potty trained puppy where to go)

Optional Supplies

  • Dog toys and chews
  • Treats (no colors/additive/perservatives)  <– click to order
  • Dog clippers for nails (unless you will pay someone to do it)
  • Dog Carrier for car rides
  • Dog Crate (if you are crate training)
    It is important to take your new dog to the Vet ASAP as they will make recommendations on shots, flea, tick and parasite control and give general advice about your puppy.  Also ask about a Puppy Package.  This is usually the least expensive way to pay for the 1st year of appointments.

DO NOT buy shampoo, as even sensitive types will strip your labs essentials oils on his coat. They can develop sensitive skins and allergies as well as lose their beautiful shiny coat.  Warm water works fantastic and I recommend you bringing your pooch in the shower with you every once in a while when they start to smell like a dog. You can spend a fortune on your puppy but remember that their favorite toy is you!  I don’t recommend that you purchase puppy toys because labs grow so quickly and they will end up breaking off pieces of a toy and either choking or damage their digestive systems and require surgery or worse!

Recommended ToysPuppies playing

  • Stuffing free toys
  • Ropes and braids
  • Bumpers (these are used to throw into water for retrieving
  • Nylabone brand toys – these are specifically designed for powerful chewers.
  • Tuffy products – these are quilted and highly rated as extremely durable and difficult to destroy.  They have soft edges that won’t hurt gums, float, and are machine washable for longstanding use.  They come in all kinds of shapes and are my favorite toys for labs!