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This page is focused on our Godiva Labrador’s chocolate labs and advice for your labradors.  We help with great pet products, stud services and Advice.  We feed our dogs only Life’s Abundance products as they are phenomenal and there is nothing better for them. 

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About our Puppies and Lifes Abundance Pet Products
Blue - a Godiva Labradors Pup


Owners: Jordan and Logan

"We couldn't image our life without Blue - thank you so much for breeding him and for the Dog Food - People always give us compliments on his shiny coat!"

godiva labradors - chocolate labradors of California


Owner Brooke

"I just love him! He has the perfect personality and is so loving. Everyone asks where I got him and my mom then got one too!"



Owner: Cathy

"There are no words for how this Lifes Abundance dog food changed Snickers and my life. Snickers was getting inchy skin and the vet said the food changed everything."


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