labrador at the beachNow that summer is here and the beach is enticing you, please read the following tips for bringing your furry friend to the beach.  Bringing your dog to the beach can be a fun experience if you plan ahead to make sure your pooch is taken care of! Read below for 5 things you should remember:

  1. DON’T let your dog drink ocean water. In case you didn’t know, drinking salt water is dangerous for your dog, as the excessive sodium can make them dehydrated very quickly and they can become sick.
  2. DO bring plenty of bottles of water.  Pack a portable water bowl and fresh water for your dog.
  3. DO provide shade. Bring an umbrella or pup-up tent with you if you’ll be staying at the beach for an extended period of time so your dog can have a place lay dchocolate lab at the beachown out of direct sunlight and where it will be cooler.
  4. DON’T forget sunscreen.  There is dog-safe sunscreen which will protect their skins from getting sunburn and also from their fur from lightening.
  5. DO rinse off. Salt and sand can irritate your dog’s coat, so be sure to rinse him off when he’s done playing.
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