Blue - a Godiva Labradors Pup

Pet Food Super Powers

Believe it or not, it wasn’t until nearly the 20th Century that pet food was something distinct from scraps derived from human diets. However, only in the past four decades has the emphasis on health-promotion entered the mix. Some of our readers will no doubt recall the “Gravy Train” commercials Read more…

Nala and her 9 Godiva Labradors pups

9 Chocolate Labrador Puppies Born

9 Chocolate Labrador Puppies Born Rolo Ghirardelli is son of Godiva Labradors’ Reeses Pieces Vazquez. Rolo was born 3/20/2012.  He has fathered one litter born 10/13/2014 which resulted in 9 puppies in that litter.  This litter was born 4/9/2016 and resulted in 9 puppies also.  This litter produced all chocolate labradors. Read more…

New Chocolate Labrador Puppies Coming

New Chocolate Labrador Puppies Coming Godiva Labradors Rolo Ghirardelli mated with a sweet little chocolate labrador named Nala.  She will be having puppies in the next week or so.  If you would like a Godiva Labradors pedigree chocolate labrador, please contact Nala’s owner at  

Puppy It’s Cold Outside

Puppy It’s Cold Outside Winter is coming. For many pet households, that means dogs – and people – spending more time indoors, away from the bitter cold. Even though some will be braving the ice and snow for quick walks, most of us will be staying in the warm, climate-controlled Read more…