I’m different from most breeders, as my goal is to give love to the puppies as if they were my own and help to create loving puppies for my owners.  I encourage the families (Owners) to very involved so that when that puppy goes home with you, they not only know who you are but are already in love with you.  We even encourage you to create a name after you choose your puppy and we will call your puppy by that name so when he/she goes home, they know their name.  Prior to that they are called by the color band we put on them to distinguish them from one another at birth.  We raise smart, loving, and calm chocolate labradors and our owners speak very highly of how different they are compared to most labradors.  Here is an outline of the process and information:

Our labradors are Field or American labradors which are taller and leaner than the English labradors (show dogs). They are bred to help with hunting and so they learn very quickly and go home at 8 weeks old and are typically able to sit on command and pee on a pee pad. Our labradors are super smart and really lovable. Our labradors come from a very fine AKC registered stock with AKC certified Master Hunters on both sides of Reeses’ family.  Lineage includes the following AKC titles are AFC, FC, JH, MH, SH, NAFC.  Previous owners say that our labs are the most loving, kind, happy and calm with beautifully soft and shiny coats.

Our males are typically 90-110 pounds and tall.  our females are typically between 65-80 pounds.

Puppies are chosen via Pick of the litter.  Pick of the litter is decided upon deposit timing.  So, first to put a deposit means you would be first to pick of the litter.  Picks are either male or female and all picks are made by the 5th week of life.  I recommend waiting until the 3-4th week to pick as that’s when their little personalities are more formed, however you are able to pick whenever you wish.  Once picks are made they are final.

Pricing is 1500 for females and males are $1300.  The non-refundable deposit is $700 deposit.  Final payment is made the 7th week when last shots are given.  Deposits are non-refundable, unless your choice of male or female isn’t born.  Our puppies come with a one year health guarantee and we sign a contract at or shortly after the first deposit is made.  

No visits can be made to the puppies until after the 4th week as recommended by the Vet for health reasons.  Many well meaning breeders allow people to visit and that’s when they can inadvertently track in parvo virus which will kill the puppies.  This is also why you should never have your puppy in public (unless in your arms) until all their shots are given around 4-5 months of age.  They should never be on public ground.

Since this was so hard for me when I first got my first labrador, I decided to do something different than most breeders.  I video not only the birth of each puppy, but also video each day of their lives.  That way the puppy owners can watch these videos which can help them to decide which puppy they want and see their puppy grow up.  It’s also fun to have videos of your puppies just in general.

Starting after the 4th week of life, we have a specific day of the week during a 3 hour timeframe which are regularly scheduled visiting times.  You can come every week or until the puppies are able to go home.  They are able to go home (according to California law) at 8 weeks old.  Once the puppies are born, I will let puppy owners the day that will be a pickup day so you can schedule that.  

Each puppy goes home with a toy they have been playing with in the litter and a blanket so mommy’s and the litter mate’s smell is on them.  It helps the transition.  Additionally, you will go home with a bag of the puppy food by Life’s Abundance.  Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy Food uses only wholesome ingredients, this formula contains: • No artificial flavors  • No artificial colors  • No corn or corn gluten  • No wheat or wheat gluten

I believe in providing as much information on food, training, and healthy ways to encourage a long life for your puppy along the way and also available on my website http://godivalabradors.com

I like to be honest, I am very picky in picking owners of my grand puppies.  I want to make sure that you are a good fit for the puppies as much as you want to make sure the puppy will be a good fit for you.  I usually turn away most people and only choose a select few so make sure to include information about you and your family in an email with your interest to jen@godivalabradors.com

I encourage you to take whatever time you need to be sure this is what you want and our puppies are the puppies you want, but I often have people disappointed because by the time they decide, the puppies are all sold.  

I encourage you to watch the puppy videos http://www.youtube.com/godivalabs 

Good luck in your search and I look forward to speaking with you, should you decide we are the breeder for you.

Jen of Godiva Labradors


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