Chocolate Labrador Stud Services in San Jose, California.  We have two chocolate labrador Studs.  Reeses Piece and his son Rolo Ghirardehlli.   Lineage includes the following AKC Titles are AFC, FC, JH, MH, SH, NAFC 

Reeses Pieces Vazquez

Reeses Pieces is our woReesesnderful Registered American Kennel Club (AKC) Chocolate Labrador Retriever that we are willing to offer out for Stud Service.  3/14/2009.

Background:  Reeses Pieces Vazquez was born 3/14/2009 from a hunting breeder and family in Ohio.  He became a part of our family when he was just 7.5 months old.  HReeses Flage comes from a very fine AKC Registered stock with AKC Certified Master Hunters on both sides of his family. Reeses is the most loving, kind, happy (and most importantly for labs) calm.  His temperament is one of a kind.  He never gets angry, snaps or bites at anyone or anything EVER.  Reeses’s favorite position with kids is as their pillow.  He’s a go with the flow type of dog who is most happy when he is physically leaning or laying on or at your feet or out hunting down birds! He wants to be everyone’s friend (both human and other dogs).  He loves to lean or sit on or at your feet and can often be found trying to sit in our lap, thinking he’s a lap dog.  He has truly enriched our entire family!

Lastly, Reeses is a well-trained house dog.  Although he loves to be outside, he also enjoys time laying around with family watching a movie.  He is well trained and will relax while we are away from home, then greeting us happily at the door treating us as if long lost friends reuniting!

Reeses has fathered six litters of AKC Registered Labrador puppies so far.  Litter dates are 1/6/2011, 8/20/2011, 3/20/2012, 11/3/2012, 6/26/2013 and 2/20/2014. The litter certificates are available upon request.

flag and dogsRolo Ghirardelli

Rolo Ghirardelli is Reeses Pieces’ son and a Registered American Kennel Club (AKC) Chocolate Labrador Retriever who was born on 3/20/2012.  He has fathered one litter born 10/13/2014 and had 9 puppies in that litter.  He had puppies with a cute little chocolate Labrador on 4/9/2016 and resulted in 9 puppies also.  This litter produced all chocolate labradors.  He had a third litter on 3/3/17 which produced 7 chocolate and black labradors.

Rolo loves playing with a ball and will run and retrieve it over and over again.  He loves to greet us at the door with a ball or toy in his mouth.  He’s a lover and love to give kisses and cuddle.  You couldn’t ask for a better friend!

reeses rolo and coco

Reeses (L), Coco (middle), Rolo (their son R)

Both Reeses and Rolo

Both Reeses and Rolo’s Lineage includes the following AKC Titles are AFC, FC, JH, MH, SH, NAFC  

Temperament:  Both dogs have been around all ages and does extremely well with children. They’ve been around children as young as 1 and 1/2 walking, running around, or hanging on him, trying to ride them like a horse, without issue.   He LOVES to run and swim.

Training / Abilities:  Both dogs have a built in, extremely strong retrieving instinct!  This is what they live for!  Rolo will chase a Tennis Ball for hours and LOVES to chase birds and squirrels in our backyard.  Their lineage has AKC Master Hunters and it shows when he jumps in the air, catches and releases a bird who shakes off the saliva and then flies away.   They both love to swim and can have fun even in a puddle.  Both were fully potty trained by 2.5 months and his litters were fully potty trained to pee pads prior to going home with owners at 8 weeks.

What Owners Say: Our owners say they are the best dogs (in temperament) they’ve ever had.  We also have a lot of hunters that have gotten dogs from us who are impressed with how quickly they learn commands and take to hunting.  Owners say their pup is their best friend and that they get compliments from strangers all the time about their shiny coats, sweet disposition and their lovable ways.

Stud Service fee is $500 upon stud PLUS the remainder of price per pup (i.e. Whatever price you sell your females for as they are usually more expensive than male pups – for $1000, you would pay $500 at stud and $500 prior to 8 weeks.  Usually Dam owners pay when they get the first deposit).  If your Dam does not become pregnant, then of course we will offer the Stud Service the very next time she comes into heat for free.  (One time only.)  If only one puppy is born, then of course we will offer the Stud Service at no extra charge the very next time she comes into heat.  (One time only.)  Will also post on our social medias (Facebook and Instagram as we have over 5,000 followers).

Bottom Line: Reeses and Rolo passes on phenomenal traits to their babies.  They are not only gorgeous but are very smart and easy to train, and love people!  IF YOU WANT SMART AND GORGEOUS PUPS, LOOK NO FURTHER!

We encourage everyone to view our social media sites for videos and pictures and to speak with current owners of our litters.

You can download the contract to view and sign before coming to stud Labrador Stud Contract